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What was supposed to be two became one.

Malaga has a special place in my heart. And the Cathedral in particular. I had some aha moments there. It is a mixture of styles. Baroque, Gothic and renaissance monument. It has only one tower to the north as it appears, since the southern tower remains unfinished. And the cathedral has also been named "the one armed lady". It having only one tower is simply because they ran out of budget. The money was needed to protect the independence of America but ended up repairing the roads of Antequera and Velez Malaga. I think that is rather sympathic. Serving where the need is, and following ones heart and consciousness. This is how we should probably learn to work more and more. Being flexible and let our energy go where it is needed. Less worried about end results and instead being open for something new to come.

Me being a person who tries to embrace a non dual view of the world and at the same time embracing my mystical Christian tradition this story of course has warmed my heart and helped me on my way of how to see the world.

To me it is beyond doubt that there is some kind of Divine force in the Universe. With that I do not mean a man with a beard and a magic wand, nor just one human being, but rather something incomprehensable that one must just stay forever humble about. Just as life. No matter how we think we´ve got it, it serves us the most crazy things and synchronicities we could not ever have imagined by ourselves. One has to stay awestruck to the fact that we dont know what started it in the first place.

I have a feeling we create this field together with our consciousness, and that is why God is in all and everything and it is so important we stay true to our hearts.

Human beings are at the core quite good people, just wishing for a joyous and meaningful journey through life and wishing others the same. It is when our needs are not met and perhaps when we get treated in harsh or unfriendly ways that the field gets out of its geometrically perfect and shining reality and the not so helpful part of the ego is added to the picture. We weave in negative judgement and self centeredness into the pattern.

Self Love and self centeredness is not the same thing.

That is also why it is my conviction that we need to take the stand "all aboard" if we are to heal this planet. And with that I dont mean that we have to hang around everybody. I just believe we have to keep our hearts open to everybody and whatever we create ask ourselves first, does this serve the over all picture of humanity? That is also why I even though I have my heart close connected to the movement in the feminist world view, since that is needed as there has been little balance between men and women so far on earth. But with my non dual point of view, aswell as being a mother of three sons I simply just have to put myself in the line of aspiring humanity. And that must include the point of view of both genders.

Our human consciousness is a blessing and a curse for our planet. As we learn more and more and invent and create more we also get more to deal with. Reality expands as we come up with new inventions and this creates huge gaps in the unified field. For example the difference between the consciousness of silicon valley and a ghetto somewhere is creating more duality which stresses the whole system. And the more complicated it gets the more can go wrong.

I mean really, Love is all we need and that is quite simple yet we create more and more advanced and complex things and now we have to deal with all the problems that came along with it. It is a comedy sort of. We create our own hauntedness, and we cherish our creativity and capacity to reason and solve problems, and at the very same time I believe it is both inventing and destroying us.

Human beings are the only ones capable of creating their own extinction. And the messy thing is we often do it with good intention too.

And that is also why a really old and conservative system can not serve us all. Simply because humanity outgrew it. And we then have to keep up with our work. Good intention is really all we have as a tool to create a better world together.

So on we go with Love, kindness and compassion. And a lot of forgiveness both to ourselves and others when things go wrong or we cannot fullfill or live up to expectations.

I mean after all look at the one armed lady in Malaga. As a monument I think she is better than a twin towered one. She is one.

And here it is really helpful to have an experience of out of body consciousness, for even as we might have to face the fact that our world is not foerever, consciousness is, and the show must go on.

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