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Salt of the earth

"You are the salt of the earth, but if salt has lost its taste, how shall its saltiness be restored?"

Bible quote

Yesterday I was at my cousins place and salted my dinner with this salt shaker".

It was a lovely reunion. You see this is our grandmothers salt shaker from the fifties.

It has been a long time since I saw it, but I recognized it immediately.

Many meals have been salted by this salt shaker.

I think this is where we all are on so many levels isn't it? Loosing our salt in so many ways.

The corona virus among other things in the world salted us too much, and left us a drained tasteless and isolated.

Salt is powerful. Using their salt literally to salt the land is what the conquered did on their conquered land. Salting earth as a ritual to leave it infertile for a long period of time to make it worthless for the conquerors as a kind of revenge I guess. Understandable. Though not in favor for either real love, peace, joy, nor protecting earth. So loosing our salt by salt is not a solution. I have done that too, sometimes as a way to keep weed out, which is of course not a really a friendly solution.

The fact that salt is a union of two rather toxic things, namely Natrium and Chlor, that together blends into such a tasty thing which is also necessary in the right amount for our bodies to function, and what also hightens the taste of anything is a curious thing. Even toxic things together become something beautiful. That is a beautiful metaphor. I guess we are all toxic to a lesser or bigger degree, but together in the right circumstances we might heal.

Well, much can be said about my grandmother. She was a salty lady, Maj Valborg. No surprise she chose a orange salt shaker. I love the fact that the orange salt shaker is passed down the generations as a reminder of the importance of being tasty salt, not salty. My cousin is already a grandmother, and it is a funny thing to picture the fifth generation using the orange salt shaker too. If there is one thing I would like to inherit from my grandmother that would be it.

Well the saltshaker is already taken, but I feel a bit of the puzzle of putting my pieces back together into tasty saltiness was laid yesterday as I got to salt my food by this shaker.

We all need to take our power back, in so many ways. Our tastiness, juiciness and joy. And capacity to believe in our own power to Love and for compassion, kindness and goodness, so that earth will be restored on so many levels.

My grandmothers orange salt shaker among other things yesterday, reminded me of the importance of getting my salt back together.

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