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One God with a thousand faces

I believe in one God with a thousand faces. Who loves and sustains all races. I believe in one God who takes on the face of Hinduism, the face of Christianity, or for example that of Buddhism. I believe in one God who takes on the face of Mystical Sufi Islam, Aswell as that of the Celtic shaman. I believe we can read about Gods ways and shapes in the Bible, or the Bhagavadgita, We can taste it in a perfect Margarita In the sutras of the Koran, or for that matter in the Torah. I have laughed with God watching the Simpsons,

And cried with her for the same reasons I tasted him in an icecream,

and heard her voice in Martin Luther Kings dream. I saw his face in St Peters Cathedral in Rome, aswell as in the tiny chapel not far from home.

I witnessed God act through people at a monastery in Belarus.

And  in a gaybar at Puerto Banuz I witnessed God being born through a womans body in pain,

my awe for the mystery in that will forever remain.

I saw God assist the baby take his first breaths through a present doctor who knew exactly what to do in the moment,

I also saw God act through a human being offering a warm embrace in the midst of unbearable torment In the rays of the sun rising in the morning,

aswell as the same sun descending in the evening,

In the mystery af a starry sky

I asked myself why am I here God Why?

I saw God In the boy standing up for his friend being mocked and in flight 

and in others peacefully standing up for human rights.

Reminding me that boundaries are just a concept to separate one thing or person from another, 

I think that is very clear to every newborn Mother.

While boundaries are important to understand my individuality, I also understand that there is another reality

In which  all material things are dissolvable,

Boundaries are just there to make it all more tolerable

In reality, there are only in betweens, 

Ponder the beauty in that and what it means

In the soft summer breeze I sensed Gods breath on my skin

Only to realize it is my own breath too

Aswell as the one of you I saw God flying through the sky in the form of a bird, reminding me of freedom, 

or in an aeroplane, 

connecting me with loved ones in another kingdom God takes on many shapes, many forms, what God never does, is having bad intentions, 

These are human inventions.

Nor does God have any hidden agendas. Accidents happens, death happens,

but God never wants to learn us any bad or harsh lessons. 

When they happen,  and they do

Guess who fixes it, Who?

he/she finds ways to bring back order

So we can maintain the illusion of border

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