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How stockmarketing led me to see how women must break rules whenever we can to change the patterns

I have been spending time learning stockmarketing and trading with Darren Winters. Something I never thought I would do. But when I got an offer to do so, my intuition immediately told me, you must do this. Curiosity once again leading the path.

And I must say I am very grateful for the course. I am impressed by Darren Winters dedication to understanding the Stockmarket, the patterns within it and how there is a way to learn to see them, rationally. Calculating risques and probability, yet letting a certain small percent of action be driven by intuition and feeling.

Stockmarketing and knowing trading is nothing but a map of consciousness and behaviour of the masses. And to learn to predict how people are going to act. To make sure one is placed in the small category of people who see that and does not act out of collective consciousness, fear or mass hysteria.

During the course Darren Winters emphasized the importance of sticking to the rules. It is not gambling. I more understand it as the art of understanding and seeing patterns within trading statistics and learn the exact moment to act, yet at the same time put conscious and safe stops and limits to the trades.

Well said, I much appreciate the soberness and wisdom in Darrens way to master the Stockmarket. I am sure that is why he is mastering it too. Gambling rarely leads anywhere in the long run.

However sitting there hearing those words, I got struck by the correlation to how the world is run. Stockmarket is of course one of the main worlds dominated by men. But that is also only a mirror of the mass consciousness of how the world is run and how we act and play.

I can see clearly now, the rain is gone... laughing!

I had this systemically rational intuitive aha moment there. Thank you Darren Winters!

We women must of course break all the rules everywhere to change the pattern.

In a world that is made by men for men, there is absolutely no probability women will get anywhere by following rules everywhere!

So my advice to all women. Go break the rules whenever you can. Anywhere and everywhere! Just do totally unpredictable things. It will even show itself in the Stockmarket eventually!

Sorry to say it Darren Winters, it will be turbulent for a while, and you might have to start all over again finding the patterns, but I guess that would be a challenge you would love right? Now that Darren already found all the patterns, we women could help a bit so it will not be boring and predictable all the time!

So what does that make of me? An anarchist?

No, I think rules are important. And to follow most of the time... but to change the rules a bit, we women have to break them first...

Stockmarketing and marriage, no rule breaking there...

.....as long as you are married to the right person.... ; )

But everywhere else! Just pick up the Pippi Longstocking in you, and do most things in ways you don't usually do. Eventually we will change the world together. All the way to the Stockmarket! Of course the most challenging rule breaking will be most noticed concretely. To dare to lead and take up space. But that is not the whole truth. What is not seen is often as strong, and perhaps more? Together we are strong. I think in women breaking rules and being unpredictable, we set the tone for a new world to emerge. A new mass consciousness. And maybe that is the most important thing of all? Let us be more playful and crazy. In seen or unseen ways. Everything is valuable and as important. Don't let anyone else set the rules for how you are going to be playful and creative. Even in secret or hidden ways is good. Bring forth the child within and get creative. It will change the world.

And there will be new patterns formed by it.

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