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Give Peace a chance

How do we expect peace on earth if we cannot even have peace at our kitchentable I used to say to my sons when they were kids and conflict was all over the place.

I practiced inner peace as a spiritual practice and became so good at it that hardly anything moved me... That was not the thing either. I am convinced emotionally unavailable is not what we are supposed to be, yet neither so sensitive we get out of balance about anything.

The idea is being able to still feel and be connected to ones own reality and emotion, while at the same time connecting to the person or situation in front of oneself. That is what compassion and empathy is all about. It is also a good thing to learn to choose ones conflicts, not taking everything personal and not to identify with things that anyway arent true.

During my years as a nurse in the ICU I got some practice in working and functioning in the face of trauma and tragic situations. I am a very sensitive person, and to be able to do a good work, yet still feel and not become hardened and cold, that was a challenge. I have never anywhere experienced teamwork in the same way as in the ICU. Last year when the world was facing the pandemic I think we all learnt the competence of the ICU staff and the enormous will to serve and take care of the most important thing, namely saving lives. I bow to all nurses and what they did all over the world last year. I would not have coped I think. And not least, I honor the nurses who paid with their life while saving others. And I pray we will not repeat.

This week Embodiment unlimited are sharing free workshops on relationship reconnection and there are a lot of good tools in there for anyone in need. I certainly am.

I went through some tough years, and recently launching my book has been more vulnerable and emotional than I would have thought. It is no easy thing to get a book out on the market, and I struggle with keeping my inner peace while at the same time trying to do some kind of marketing.

I was doing rather well I thought, and then my car broke yesterday and I was feeling miserable. Such a little simple thing to make me fall off track. I have to embrace myself and my humanness and see that I am not the ascended enlightened master that I sometimes like to imagine I could be.

I have also reflected upon the fact that we so cherish activism in our world and make passivity into something really unwanted. Yet, when Covid hit us, it was quite obvious how well Mother Earth received our forced passivity.

I think that translates to a lot of things. I think Passivity and laziness has a really undeserved bad reputation. In politics for example we tend to like the strong and rethorically powerful ones with a lot of eagerness to show their capacity and power to get things done too. It is just a lot of time people do a whole lot of less good things. ( Including myself) I sometimes have a feeling a lot of things would be better if the more passive ones would get to run the show for a while. The ones who thinks and listens, and let things take their time, and dont miss the opportunity to smell the flowers a bit whilst patiently waiting for wise and clear answers and actions with one intention. Giving peace a chance on earth.

And after all it is now summertime and opportunity for lazy days on the lawn. Smelling the flowers, or just sleeping at the beach seem a rather cool thing to do.

I took my aquarelle colors out and painted a Mandala as a practice to gain my inner peace back after my miserable state due to a little car breakdown. Poor me huh! Seeking some consolation. Now that I have new brakes on my car I might just drive even more slowly through summerdays and drink in the beauty of it all.

After all I think the good old Hippies and Rastamen might have been into something resembling truth and wisdom in some ways.

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