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Circle of friends. Circle of peace and love.

This blogpost is written in English. Because the topic matter. And I want to reach out.

Martin Luther King had a dream...

I also had a dream a couple of years ago. I dreamt of a place, I did not know it yet, but I had to go there one day. And you can imagine my surprise, when I went where my dream told me to go, and I found a circle of peace right there.

I sat in the midst of it, and I fell into dreamland. I saw people all over the world working together for peace and ending conflicts. I saw men signing papers, discussions, and solutions. I saw soldiers walk out of war zones. Home to their families, Wartanks stopping in the middle of fields.

I was out of my mind, or perhaps I was more in it than normal?

I found out that the circle with the stone in the middle with the word "PAX" on it, was built in memorial of Dag Hammarskjöld, former secretary-general of the UN. It is placed by his residence, which is now a museum dedicated to him, telling his story. I did not know that by then.

I was even more surprised when I found out a couple of years later, that the security council of UN were holding their first conference outside their headquarter for the first time on that very place.

My associations ran wild.

What to do with such an experience? I do not know. I kept the dream close to my heart, and never let it go, because I would very much want it to come true.

Right now we are witnessing the chaos and tragedy of separation in the world. The chaos of us and them.

Dag Hammarskjöld was a man deeply engaged in the work of non dual thinking. And he had the power to make a difference. That is why he was a dangerous man, to one of the polarities.

Although his end did not really come to a closure, most facts point to the sad theory that he was murdered, his plane targeted and shot down on his way to a diplomatic meeting in Kongo.

However, his spirit is still alive, not least in the circle of meditation where we all can share our love for one another and the fact that we all matter. As is the spirit of Martin Luther King.

The sad truth so far is that one Martin Luther King, or one Dag Hammarskjöld, is not enough to change a written unloving and unsafe world.

But many can.

So my dream is now, let us all bring out the same spirit that inspired Martin Luther King and Dag Hammarskjöld and in whatever small way we can, at home, in our family, at work or out in society protect one another, honor one another and do everything we can to in however small way, end this stupid circle where black people are less valued, or women or anyone.

In contrast to leaders taking the Bible at hand and threatening us with it and the military to inflict law and order.

Let us bring forth strong and loving leaders in all the departments of society, from priests and religious leaders to scientists and politicians, bosses at companies, mothers and fathers, leaders of all sorts, and inflict som law and order to the world. The law of Love. The Law of kindness and compassion. Leaders who dare make a difference, without violence and power demonstration, but with Love and compassion for other people. Let us change this world now.

That is how change can happen. Not by demonstrations or throwing stones, but one little act of kindness after another. By standing up for what is right in the situation. Not by stating that ones own way to truth is the only way and everyone else are in the darkness. That is ignorant and that is dangerous.

This is doable. If we view ourselves as a Martin Luther King in whatever situation we live, there will always be opportunities to make a difference. It does not have to be seen by the whole world, but small actions too can make a difference.

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